New, Custom and Reconditioned Pallets

Competitive Pallet offers a wide range of pallets to meet our customers specifications. We build custom pallets to order as well as offering prebuilt pallets in the following sizes.


New Pallets

Our new 48"x40" pallets are manufactured from the highest-grade new lumber in standard 4-way configuration.

48x40 New 4-Way Pallet

A standard 4-way pallet has openings on both ends and along pallet sides allowing forklift entry from both sides, front and rear of the pallet via a notched stringer in the pallet. Standard 4-way pallets are more versatile than standard 2-way pallets.

Standard 4-way pallets have a load capacity of 7000 lbs when in a stationary position and 1800 lbs. rack load capacity.


Custom Built Pallets

Our facility manufactures and products new, custom built pallets to customer specification in any order quantity. We will custom build pallets for any design, size, configuration, or wood grade, with optional ISPM-15 heat treatment for international shipments.


Reconditioned Pallets

Competitive pallet also provides two varieties of reconditioned pallets in standard sizes and configurations, including:

48x40 #1 Used 4-way pallet

48x40 #2 Used 4-way pallet

All of pallet orders can be heat treaded for international shipment based on the latest ISPM-15 specifications. We also offer free scrap pallet removal service for recycling to all our customer.

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