Pallet Recycling, Delivery and Weighing


At Competitive Pallet we offer pallet recycling services for pallets in any quantity. As part of our recycling service we provide drop off and delivery for large quantity pallet recycling. In addition, we provide free scrap pallet removal service to our customers with any size purchase.



Competitive Pallet has a company owned fleet of trucks in order to provide product delivery to our customers at the lowest rates and in a timely manner. We deliver pallets within a 300 mile radius of Louisville, Kentucky, including the cities and surrounding areas of Indianapolis IN, Columbus IN, Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, and Nashville TN.


Scrap Pallet Removal Service

Competitive Pallet Service provides free scrap pallet removal service to our customers with any size order. We will pick up scrap pallets in any quantity while delivering orders, or customers can drop pallets off at our facility free of charge.


Heat Treatment

Competitive Pallet Company is fully certified and compliant with ISPM-15 guidelines for regulating wood packaging materials in international trade. Our pallet lumber can be heat treated for international exporting for all orders. Heat Treatment is a process in which pallets and lumber is heated up to the temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes. We can provide necessary compliance certificates for our customers overseas and across-border orders.


Custom Pallet Construction

We offer custom pallet construction services that meet individual client's design specifications. Our company uses the latest state of the art equipment, which allows us to design and manufacture pallets to the exact specification of client's orders.


Weighing Service

Competitive Pallet offers weighing service for our pallet orders for situations where our customer needs to know the exact weigh of the pallet for accurate shipping calculations.

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